What is Therapy?



What is Therapy/Counseling?


Therapy or Counseling is the process to help us get clarity in our mind and in our hearts!

As we go through Life, at some time or the other we all experience internal or interpersonal difficulties that make for a difficult emotional life. It may be stress at work, growing pains, caregiver stress from taking care of young children, elderly or terminally ill, a difficult childhood, a hurtful relationship, a rough divorce, a traumatic event, a devastating loss, or difficulty coping with a stressful life transition. When we go through stressful events we tend to get emotionally triggered making it hard for us to cope with the situation. Things which we could have easily handled if we were not emotionally triggered become difficult to cope with when we are triggered. If situations are intense, we get emotionally wounded and develop emotional and behavioral reactions to cope with the wounds. These reactions may add further stress to our lives. We may ‘withdraw’ into depression instead of facing the issue, take our anger out on others, pick fights with our loved ones, find it difficult to establish intimacy, use substances to numb the feelings or jump from relationship to relationship, job to job in order to cope with the difficult emotions we experience internally.


Even the most difficult emotional reactions can HEAL!


The Therapy process is about clearing our emotional climate so we can think more clearly and put things in perspective. With the help of a trained professional, we can heal the original emotional wounds so that we no longer have to use those maladaptive behaviors to cope with the pain of those wounds. Therapy process helps us find our strengths within us to cope with our difficulties, improve our relationship with ourselves as well as others.